Technology For The Depths

I do not think I stated in my previous post that I am actually an oceanographer. So I spend a lot of time in submarines, which allows me to look at depths in a way that is beyond crazy. I have seen so many different types of fish and ecosystems that most will never ever see. I think the advances in underwater technology over the last five to six years have been intense. I think one of the best parts about technology is that it makes our lives easier. One thing that blows my mind is that now we can send out more robots and less people, keeping human lives safe, and making it easier to get these expeditions funded. So one thing that I know I need to do is look at the technology needed for the depths.

So as you can see there is a lot there. It is awesome to think and consider all the stuff that we actually need to go underwater. I think the first thing needed is actually a submarine. A submarine is the best way to get to the bottom of the ocean. Secondly, I would actually recommend DEEPTREKKER.COM/ – underwater drones, they are so amazing at deep depths, and can also provide an immense amount of support as well. Then you also want to have a great crew, they are very important to having a working organism that functions properly.

I want to focus more on these drones for a second. I think that out of everything that is awesome and cool in the world, one of the main things is that we drones that can do anything now. For example we have such crazy things as a rov to help with marine fish farming, rovs that save people, rovs that can do everything!

Preparing to Explore the Ocean

Exploring the ocean is an amazing thing. However it is also a dangerous thing. There are waves and there are many different dangerous creatures in the ocean, and even more hesitantly, with ice. Water is a very unforgiving element. If you think about it, water can kill you in so many different waves, and it is an element that does not care if you are suffering , and, unlike something like fire that you could stop, water will get you unlike anything else. It is such a great feeling when you conquer water.

While that picture is a painting, I think it is very telling about how dangerous water is. So how do you prepare for the water? Firstly, have your training up to date. People and inventors are constantly coming up with new ideas, and I feel that it is important for your education to keep you up to date, as it keeps you safe. Secondly, do not use second hand or older equipment. By buying new equipment constantly, you know you will have the best of the best. Be safe out there people, you will be happy when you get into a tight spot!

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